Monday-Friday: 11:00-10:00Saturday-Sunday: 5:00-10:00(615) 712-7409


Nomzilla started out as a fast casual sushi joint in Edgehill Village off of Music Row. When Edgehill Village was taken over by new investors, Nomzilla was no longer a part of their vision. After months of searching the city, we found out through the mutual Cintas route driver that the Baker twins had bought 1000 Gallatin Ave building. The rest is history, of course. Due to the larger square footage, we decided to change into full service restaurant with full bar and move the fast casual concept into a mobile kitchen trailer (coming soon). As it was with the old Nomzilla, we still serve nomlicious sushi but we also added a myriad of other East and Southeast Asian dishes that will blow your mind and taste buds!

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